Our Team

Young Kim | Editor-in-Chief

Young Kim is a second year MPP student from Korea. Young started his work in consulting in London before moving to a humanitarian NGO working with refugees in Europe. At HKS, he has been grappling with pathways that will get him to be a writer, a runner, and a climber at the same time while doing some good in the world.

Twitter: @young_kim808 | Email | LinkedIn

Akshay Marathe | Deputy Editor

Akshay Marathe is a second year MPP student from India. He was an advisor to the Chief Minister of New Delhi and a spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), an Indian political party. He has worked on education, healthcare and transportation policy before coming to HKS, and continues to focus on these sectors in school.

Twitter: @AkshayMarathe | Email | LinkedIn

Sehr Taneja | Associate Editor

Sehr Taneja is a second year MPP student at HKS who found herself in numerous battles to save her moral self as she led election campaigns in India. For reasons still unknown, she continues to believe that the world can be healed, and can usually be found contemplating a career in the media over endless cups of tea and copious amounts of chocolate.

Twitter: @sehrtaneja6 | Email | LinkedIn

Kei Sakai | Associate Editor

Kei Sakai is a first-year MPA/ID student at Harvard Kennedy School.

Jukta Basu Mallik | Associate Editor

Jukta Basu Mallik is a 2Y MPA MPA dualee at HKS. She made pretty slides for a living and in helping you overpay without guilt as a brand marketeer. She continues to believe in the power of data driven storytelling and hopes to use her skills in solving intractable problems. Jukta’s closest friendships were made over binging desserts, breaking a leg (literally) during dancing and investigating startups.